Tuesday, December 21, 2010

dear myself .

i read a blog just now . i feel like wow , amazing ! yeah , it's so amazing . well , the owner and the blog and the layout . and evrything about THAT particular blog im walking in to coincidentaly .

the writer wrote in english . simple english yet it is so interesting that i didn't notice that i was actually turn to some of the older posts posted by this particular writer . it's like you click the button without you realizing that you're clicking the button .

i reallyreally admire that blogger . humble and talented . talented but not exposed . i used to think to have a blog like that before . simple blog without too much colours , without songs and stuffs on widget . but is filled with just words of expression as postings . without cares of followers without care of anything else but yourself . where you can write what actually you feels to write .

write not for others to read but write just to share your thoughts , your day , your experiences in your own words . its like writing to your storyline just in a very simple lines .

ahh ! i lost my words to described what i actually like to convey in the begining . nevermind fara , just move on your life ! and to that particular writer , you're so amaazziinnggg ! ohh i know that you do't know that i'm talking about you *sengih

starting from now i will create a section , maybe once a week or maybe once a month or depends on my mood where it is a section for me talking to myself , similarly like this one . english or malay let time decides . or maybe i will post in some other language , with the help of free online translator ! tihhiii :P

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